Integrated Push Pull Strategy

Imagine you had a travel portal and you sent out the following email to your mailing list

Dear Mr. Smith,
Find out fast when you can save on flights to your favorite destinations! It's easy and it's free, thanks to our new RSS feed. Just choose the destinations you'd like us to watch, and we'll keep you informed through My Yahoo!, My MSN, Pluck or another RSS news reader of your choice.

You have actually sent out an email encouraging people to pull content even though they had already permitted you to push content to them!!

Does this mean you no longer push content via Email? Nope, that's where your Integrated Push Pull Strategy should help you decide what and when to push and pull. Here's a sample strategy below.

Integrated Push Pull Strategy:
1)Push important messages that need to be acted upon quickly
2)Encourage users to create custom feeds and pull it
3)Push if user no longer pulling your feeds.
4)Ensure same content doesnot get pulled and pushed

So what's your Push Pull strategy going to be?

Applying Tag Cloud Previews in Segmenting Contacts

Tag Cloud preview could be a great visual tool to identify common patterns in your contact list and target them better by segmenting based on these attribute values.

Here's an example of a tag cloud preview based on 'Contact Work City' generated from my contact database.

Whois this after all?

Curious about those anonymous visitors who seem to be active on your site but never seems to register?

If your a B2B company, here's a nifty little trick you could employ to find out the company profile of the anonymous visitor. Write a script to grab the IP addresses of the anonymous visitors from your web logs or table in which all visitor info is stored and do a whois search on it to resolve the IP address to a company.

This way you could identify the companies interested in you and the competitors who have been checking you out too.

Curious about an IP address? Try finding out which company it belongs to here

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