Marketing through Customer Blogs

As an eMarketer, have you tried to reach out to blogs written by your customers/prospects as a fellow blogger? Bloggers just love, adore and connect with people who take an active interest in their blogs. And I'm sure as a marketer it's your constant endeavour to get customers to love, adore and listen to you.

Here are 5 tips to engage with your customers/prospects who blog

  1. Setup a corporate blog yourself
  2. Read/Subscribe to your customer blogs
  3. Post constructive comments on your customer blogs
  4. Vote their blogs as one of your favourites
  5. Provide useful blogger widgets, templates and tips

Customer blogs provide you the marketer a great opportunity to undestand/target your customer better. With the number of bloggers increasing by the day, maybe it's time for you to leverage this and add another dimension to your customer driven internet marketing campagin.

Reputation Filtering

Ever wondered why your carefuly crafted email devoid
of any 'spammy phrases' still fails to reach it's recipients?

According to a report published by ReturnPath 

"83% of the time Sender Reputation is the root cause for Email non Delivery"

       ISP's use eMail firewall/gateway servers like
BrightMailand IronPort to do reputation filtering
upfront before content filtering. The table below 
indicates the amount of reputation versus content
filtering done by ISP's

The results of the study indicate that reputation is the most
valuable asset
of an eMarketer and needs to be safegaurded at all costs. So please think twice beforeyou buy a list or SPAM someone.

Worried about your reputation?
Find out if you have been black listed at

Previewing your Subject and From Lines

So why is previewing the Subject and From Lines so important?

  • The From line is what recipients use to determine whether to delete an email.
  • The Subject line is what motivates people to actually open the email
All mail clients donot render the from and subject lines in the same way. The table below illustrates the differences in major mail clients.

So you could significantly improve your mail open rates, if you were to preview/test your mail in different email clients before sending it out. This handy tool could be a life saver.